Our Business Model

Strategic Allies

Strategic allies in different geographical areas are another type of geographical coverage outside the territories of RAK Holding business headquarters, though it may be done, under some circumstances, in the same area.

A strategic ally is the person, company, official entity, holding group, bank, agency and any other entity that may contribute to achieving the business targets or objectives in a particular area of operations. Further, a strategic ally may contribute to operations conducted in his own area and/or in other areas where RAK Holding has operations (such as providing know-how, technology, finance, raw materials labor….etc)

RAK Holding will look for a strategic alliances in a particular area when management feels that it has some benefits in that area, but some local parties are need to support obtaining the benefits targeted. Strategic alliances may provide one or more of the following supporting tools to RH and its operations: Logistics, Technology, Finance, Business opportunities, Know-how, Official facilities, Partnership, Information, Promotion, Legal support, Consultancy, Marketing activities.

Our strategic alliances are not randomly selected: it must be done in accordance with a pre-defined and well-developed set of criteria. Such criteria will be based to the business objectives, strategies, plans, policies and structure of operations. However, the following set if criteria may help for a better selection:

  • Ally must be a good and solid knowledge in the field of alliance.
  • He must be of good communication skills and capacity of performance.
  • His existence must be supported by all supporting legal documentations.
  • The background and experience in the field of cooperation must be documented and proved clearly
  • Will accept the standard agreement prepared by the group for such purposes.