Message from CEO

In such an atmosphere of business development and related investment, RAK Holding is guided by its vision of being beyond the expectations of its investors and shareholders. The company will be always guided by its sophisticated tools of investment, where TQM is employed to perform the best standardised practices.

Investors within our paradigm have been always and will continue, very close to the performance of their employed capitals that are invested professionally through well-selected opportunities all over RH geographical areas operations.

RAK Holding will continue improve and develop its image as one of its main concerns. Such will guide to employ the most recent technology, the best qualified business developers, the deepest research for success, the most precise selection of investment opportunities.

Supported by our local, regional and international partners, RAK Holding's investments have achieved the highest expected returns on equities employed. Our growth of more than 25% in the last 2 years is assuring as a recognized ability and force to increase our outreach programs for wider investment limits.