Real Estate


Wholly owned by Union International Holdings Group (UIHG), UniEstate is a master real estate developer with experience in the international property market and unparalleled commitment to excellence in all areas, including project management, construction, design, finishing and customer service.

By endeavoring to stay different in the marketplace, we've become known for offering distinctive homes, offices, retail and hospitality options to the UAE's multinational community, thus fulfilling a growing market need for quality real estate that provides enriching lifestyle options.


With the Vision as an investment entity with developing assets and accumulative investments in long-term assets. BINA Real-Estate Company has created its mission as Working hard to increase its real-estate assets, to increase the size of partners' properties through investment possession activities in income-generating real-estates, to contribute in value accumulation and to communicate with investment market. On this basis, it intends to have limited investment partnerships that leads the company to excellence as a major developer in the real-estate market and makes the company a major source to support the investments of sister and allied companies.

Perfect Property Management

In PERFECT, the company has developed a modern concept for asset and property management. It understands the process as a bundle of services that goes beyond the strict meaning of tenancy, leasing and the associated routine maintenance conducted by landlords or such maintenance as required by the beneficiary of the property; the company's understanding of property management goes further to a broader package of administrative, financial, investment and marketing activities that would assist in achieving the best social and professional return for the direct beneficiary of the property.