Our Business Model

Agency Model

In our business outreach and networking, RAK Holding develops the agency model as an exchange of knowledge and know how between us and the potential partners. Our brands, products, models, services are offered always to be delivered as agencies to potential partners, and we always expect to be agents of the same in the areas we have operational activities.

We understand agency business as "the agent acts for, or in the place of another, by an authority provided by the first to the agent; an agent is the one who is entrusted with the business of another". Agent will have specialized qualifications and capacities necessary to practice the obligations assigned. At the same time, agent means any business supposed to act in the interests of the principal, or he is the one who represents the interests of a foreign party within the agent's territories.

Assigning an agent for the business in any region will include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Agent's guidebook.
  • Typical agent contract.
  • Clear obligations assigned to agent.
  • Clear list of support types provided by the RAK Holding to its agents.
  • Full knowledge of the area where an agent is assigned.
  • Well formulated reporting system between the RH and agents.