Our Business Models

RAK Holding has created its own business development tools aiming to expand its investments in type, geography, customer range, sector, and markets. In conducting the development practices, we consider geography and model of investment being developed. Our models of business development have many levels or aspects such as product level, commercial level and corporate level.

Commercial level means the action of targeting new clients (customers) in new segments or new markets. This may take the shape of restructuring or expanding the present structure (set up) of operations. Through such, RAK Holding will draw new models such as partners, distributors, licensees, franchisees , agents, representing agencies or the business own local international branches.

In corporate development we focus on the financial and the legal levels of the business. Such level of development is about mergers of acquisitions (M & A), joint ventures, direct equity investment and strategic alliances. Such elements will be in closed touch with contract law, fiscal law, social law, corporate finances, change management, culture management and portfolio analysis.