Our Business Model


At RAK Holding we understand a franchise as the right granted to an individual or group to market a company's goods or services within a certain territory or location. We purpose all different types of franchises that may be applicable to our strategic objectives and business models.

At RAK Holding, we do care about franchises in many ways, where we may be a franchisor or franchisee, directly or indirectly through such investments' support. We recognize all types of franchises, but we focus on our industries mainly. Our abilities, networking, international existence, outreach tools, know-how skills, capacities of all types, and ability to invest are enablers for RAK Holding to be a franchisor or a franchisee.

The TQM systems applied by RAK Holding form a solid resource to the systems and criteria that may be provided to support any franchising opportunity within the territories where RAK Holding has operations. The business development team at the company has been always to develop the most modern and quality manuals for various business opportunities we own or participate with. That in addition to the benefits of corporate image, training, and savings in time.