Our Business Model

Operating Branch Model

A RAK Holding branch, in general, is an expanding of the present geographical coverage of a RAK Holding outside the area where the business is headquartered. In our branches, we offer the same as the headquarter .As a result to technological sophisticated management and services aids, our branches have become smaller since many services, products, could be managed and obtained from headquarters as if clients are there, but in front of a different desk.

Our branches will totally express and represent us, will be responsible for all results, and be covered by the headquarter in terms of expenses, technology, know how, prints,….etc, though sometimes they work independently depending on the size of operations covered by the branch.

For us, starting a branch will mean a foreign direct investment (FDI) in the targeted region. Of course, the equity employed will depend on many factors, especially the purpose objectives of the branch in a particular region or area. However, when it is said as a branch, this branch will have its own:

  • License
  • Budget
  • Balance sheet
  • P&L statement
  • Audited fiscal report
  • Shareholders registration
  • Bank account
  • Independent activities (though it might be oriented or directed by the headquarters).
  • RAK Holding welcomes some types of partnerships in its operating branches, when its partnership's criteria are applicable to the market and to the partner.