Our Business Model

Non-operating Branch

Non operating branches of RAK Holding are being started to perform some particular objectives that are indirectly support the company general strategies and objectives. Non-operating branches are mainly performing the following:


it will promote the business (headquarters and operating branches) in the area or region where the branch is located, or even attract strategic partners for present and potential opportunities.


Management of the branch will coordinate all public relations, or operations relations of the HQ with official and private entities in the geographical area of the branch.


The branch will conduct continuous researches on the markets or business opportunities in the region where the branch is located.


The branch will facilitate any required services provided to HQ. In addition to information, it will facilitate traveling, contacts, meetings, etc.


By practicing the mentioned duties, the branch will prepare the initial requirements (steps) necessary for a potential opportunity. (of course, coordinating with head office) such are :

  • Classifying and analyzing information and data collected.
  • Coordinating with official entities.
  • Initial meeting with related partners and stake holders.
  • Preparing for signing formalities.

Non operating branch will be totally oriented and controlled by HQ in terms of expenses, prints, strategies, policies, employments, etc. However, such will not prevent the fact that the branch manager is to one of the best professional (experienced, senior staff member) who is supported by a carefully selected supporting team.