Our Business Model

Business Modeling Criteria?

As one of the leading investment companies in the region, RAK Holding receives a lot of business proposals provided through our networks all over the world. Investments in those opportunities have required the management to create various types of business models through which we can actualize an investment opportunity in the most suitable business structure, especially in those where partners are taking place as valuable strategic partners to RAK Holding.

RAK Holding considers the investment opportunities whenever we rank any of them as a solution to a market need or as a contribution to our investment objectives in the target markets. Generally, we find it justified if the opportunity:

  • Applicable to our strategic plans and investments policies.
  • Serves or introduces some other opportunities in the target markets.
  • Provide a solution to present saturated market.
  • The clear need of the target areas.
  • Viability of the opportunity
  • Availability of required resources such as finance, management, knowledge …
  • Has clear set of objectives that drive such development level.
  • Could classified under one of our strategic business models